A collection of (mostly) Freeware Visual Basic Programs

SNS ColorWorms Screensaver
Version 1.4 - Released June 4, 2002
This screensaver shows colored worms crawling around on your screen. The head color of the worms fades to a tail color. You can make this screensaver look really good. Choose to either have the worms crawl on your screen or a colored background.
  • Starting with version 1.4, you can have the worms fade to/from nothing, if you so desire.
  • This screensaver now supports password protection.
Version 1.4 (Released June 4, 2002)
  • Worms can now fade from/to a transparent color, or basically nothing.
  • Possibly some other small fixes.
Version 1.3 (Released August 9, 2001)
  • All flickering was fixed.
  • Added error checking for the options window.
  • Worms can now be crawling on the screen (instead of a colored background) without leaving stains.

Version 1.2 (Released December 19, 2000)
  • The taskbar no longer shows up in front of the screensaver.
  • Some other minor fixes.

Version 1.1 (Released November 8, 2000)
  • Password protection works now.
  • There are now two defaults you can set the options to. You can choose which one when you click "Set to Default".
  • The screensaver no longer shows up minimized in Windows 2000.

Version 1.0 (Released September 23, 2000)
  • Original Release

Copyright © 2000-2003 Seth Sticco

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