A collection of (mostly) Freeware Visual Basic Programs

Version 3.0 - Released March 21, 2001
This is a fully functioning HTML editor that's easy to use and will give you many of the functions of commercial editors. The features include the ability to preview your work within the program or in a browser. There are also tools to help you along the way, such as a Body Tag Editor.
  • This program now has Syntax Highlighting and multiple Undo and Redo. Syntax Highlighting may cause some slowdown when typing in larger html files. This will hopefully be fixed in a later version. For now, if it's too slow, you can disable it in the Preferences window.
  • Be warned that when you use the insert - image feature, by default, it copies the image to the same directory as the page you're working on. If you don't like that, you could change it in the Preferences Window.
  • Internet Explorer is no longer required for this program to work properly (starting with version 2.6)! It is only required if you want to preview your page in the SNS HTMLEdit window.
  • I realize the documentation on this program has been nearly nonexistent. The program now comes with three text files. They are a readme, a list of features and explanations, and a list keyboard shortcuts. I know this isn't much more, but it should help. You can get to the text files from the Help menu of the program. If anyone has any questions, you can email me and if I get enough questions, I'll also make a FAQ.
Version 3.0 (Released March 21, 2001)
In this version, I've managed to put in syntax highlighting, though it is a bit slow. I plan on taking care of that later. The release of this version was delayed enough. For now, I suggest disabling it in the Preferences window unless you only use small files. This version also has some other good features, including multiple undo/redo and a new color chooser.
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Multiple levels of undo/redo
  • Toolbar buttons now fade out if they can't be used
  • Completely new color chooser
  • Fixed a problem that caused it to hang when loading larger html files that don't have a body tag.
  • Various other fixes.
Version 2.8 (Released December 19, 2000)
The most notable change here is the multiple TagLists. I took out most of the menu entries from the bottom section of the Tags pulldown menu and moved the rest over to the Insert menu. Then I changed the name of the Tags menu to TagLists. Now you can have up to 20 TagLists in this menu and you can also assign keyboard shortcuts to various tags in the TagLists.
  • "Save As" now shows the title of the page as the default filename instead of file.html.
  • You can now have Multiple TagLists.
  • Added a few more tips of the day.
  • The statusbar now shows the current line number(s).
  • Various other fixes.
Version 2.6 (Released August 10, 2000)
This is the first update comment. You'll see more of these as I update SNS HTMLEdit further. It's been a while since I updated SNS HTMLEdit. I'm glad I finally did. This is the first update since I moved this site over to There are many important changes introduced in this version. Among these changes is the new TagList. It has lots of improvements, but it isn't compatible with the old TagList file format. Also, SNS HTMLEdit no longer requires Internet Explorer. This is the most important change, I think. I also changed the Icon. I never really liked the old one, and I'm glad I finally changed it.
  • New Icon
  • Internet Explorer is no longer required
  • Completely revamped TagList
  • Small changes all over (mostly for stability)
Version 2.4 (Released December 30, 1999)
  • Fixed the Body Tag Editor. It wasn't showing previews for color codes.
  • Updated link in the aboutbox to reflect the new shorter url for this site
  • Added warning message for Java Applets that might not work (too much to explain here)
Version 2.3 (Released December 11, 1999)
  • Fixed a problem that caused the program to crash when inserting a JavaScript or VBScript under certain conditions
  • Fixed problems with the Body Tag Editor and made it accept color names
  • Added some more text files to help you along the way
  • Added RealKeys feature
  • Added AutoWrap feature
  • Some other changes I lost track of
Version 2.2 (Released October 2, 1999)
  • Fixed a problem that caused the program to crash sometimes when 'Save As' is clicked.
  • Added 'Java Applet' to the Insert Menu
  • Took out the Text in the Preferences Window that mentioned a menu entry that no longer existed since Version 2.0
  • The toolbar disappears earlier when switching to Preview Mode. (Not really a necessary change)
Version 2.1 (Released July 24, 1999)
  • Fixed a bug in the AutoIndent feature
  • The program uninstalls cleaner (Registry entries are removed)
  • Improved Find Feature and added Replace
  • Fixed a problem that would occur when loading a new window on certain conditions
Version 2.0 (Released July 14, 1999)
  • Rewritten code for Auto-Indent
  • Now when you choose Exit, it will close ALL the windows, no matter how many times you loaded it.
  • Added the Tools Pull-Down menu
  • If you switch from another app to an HTMLEdit window, the other HTMLEdit windows don't snap into the foreground anymore
  • Rewritten code to insert a Table, and also the code for a New Row
  • The toolbar now disapears when you go into preview mode
  • Added the tools to insert a Custom Table and to Edit the Body Tag
  • Added Undo to the Edit Menu
  • The edit menu now shows all the keyboard shortcuts
  • Major changes made to the code that gets the title of the page
  • The title of the page is now updated into the titlebar even as you type it
  • The template page can be changed from the Preferences Window
  • The Image Height and Width is automatically put into the tag when you Insert an Image
  • The status bar now fades out when you switch to preview mode
  • Font was taken out of the Options Menu. I decided it wasn't a very useful feature. You can still change the default font in the Preferences Window.
  • More improvements and Bugfixes I lost track of
Version 1.7 (Released June 3, 1999)
  • Fixed some Major problems involved with closing the program
  • Added some enhancements to the Insert Pull-down menu
Version 1.6 (Released May 1999)
  • Fixed problem with cancel button when closing
  • Added a new group unter the Tags menu, Scripting
  • Added Auto Indent Feature
  • Added an option to open (new) files to a new window
  • Fixed small bugs and other things I can't remember
Version 1.5 (Release Date Unknown)
  • Added the TagList
  • Fixed some problems that come up when trying to close the program
  • Fixed small bugs and other things I can't remember
Version 1.11 (Release Date Unknown)
  • Now you can use Items in the Insert Pull-down menu without saving first
  • Fixed small bugs
Version 1.10 (Release Date Unknown)
  • Added Tip of The Day
  • Added more minor features
  • Fixed small bugs
Version 1.0 (Released Early March 1999)
  • Original Release

Copyright © 2000-2003 Seth Sticco

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